PERIODIC RELEASES are scheduled when there are new API Product families to be released, new APIs to add to existing API Product families and/or non-breaking updates to existing APIs. Such releases will not materially change the functionality of the APIs or require further development of customer’s application.

PRODUCT VERSIONS are scheduled when there are new API Products which, although they address the same intended purpose of previous Version, they may achieve these goals through the addition of new APIs, deletion of existing APIs, or introduce breaking changes to existing APIs, which may require further development of customer’s application and/or when there is a significant feature enhancement to the product. Availability of new Versions is subject to the terms of the agreement between DST and the customer. They will be scheduled to install to production each year in November, if needed.


Testing access to Periodic and Product enhancements will be made available through Client Acceptance Testing platform prior to their production release a minimum of 1 month in advance of the production release.

Note: On occasion it may be necessary to install non-breaking and breaking changes outside the monthly/annual schedule.


DST will provide access and support for prior Versions and Releases of an API product as follows:

  • New and non-breaking API updates will only be applied to the most current Version of the product
  • DST will provide support for the current and 1 prior Version of the API products. For clarification, support does not include updates for prior Versions.
  • Support for the 1 prior Version of the product will be available until the next release of the product or for one year, whichever comes first.
  • DST will provide access to prior Versions for up to 1 year following end of support for that Version.


A client currently using Version 1 of an API Product. Version 2 of that product is released in November 2018 and remains the active Version for 2 years receiving regular enhancements and new APIs until a new Version 3 is released in November 2020.

In this scenario, per the policy, Version 1 of the API Product would be supported until November 2019 (1 year following the release of Product Version 2). Version 1 would be available for use but unsupported from November 2019 through November 2020, at which time it will be removed from the system.